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Tripse means trip to your village. Our aim is to free the little birds captured in the concrete jungle and make them live the lives of abundance in the lap of mother earth. Giving a boost to the cultural and traditional way of living by generating connecting tourists to each village is what TripSe thrives for.


Why one should Visit Ahupe?

  • To breathe in 800 years old Sacred Groves

  • Witness the Great Sahyadri Mountains from top

  • This might be the only site in India which hosts The great indian squirrel 

  • To live in ancient village,Away from city chaos 


Why one should Visit Dhaparpada?

  • Learn Warli painting from Warli tribesman

  • Imbibe into the Warli culture 

  • Visit Historical Jaivilas palace

  • Enjoy all season running waterfalls

  • Stay in Warli village  

Flowing water, sound of leaves, Smell of soil.....

Yes! all this exist.




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