Lightning Bhandardara


The land for true Explorer

Journey to the Land of


Its truly is! Join TripSe to witness many virgin waterfalls, through specially curated Itinerary which will take you closer to nature. This Bhandardara Safari will leave you nostalgic in the lap of mother earth!

Best Time: July to Sept

Age: No Limit

Duration: Single Day

Tour Type: Leisure Safari

Fort treks near


Trek with Tripse to explore the mighty Sahyadri. Get ready for breathtaking views of mountains and plateau of Maharashtra. These expert guided tours are real test of your adventure hunger.

Best Time: May-January

Age: 18+

Duration: Single day  or Night

Tour Type: Trekking

Fireflies Night at Dense forests of


Join us to witness this heavenly dance of lightning bugs in the dense protected forest near our secret camping site. Barbecue, Lakeside camp, Boating and Many Surprises awaits.

Best Time: May-June

Age: 3+ years

Duration: Night Stay

Tour Type: Leisure+Jungle Trail




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